A place where
talents are built upon

The longevity of arts continues

Here at The Council Productions, we push the boundaries of social norms and redefine the ordinary meaning of “art”. As an enterprise compromising of creatives from different art-forms, we pride ourselves to be different and unique in our process to serve only the best to our clients



Workshops will be hosted in a professional environment, ensuring a condusive learning space, to boost your knowledge of your respective art form. It will be held by artists well known in the scene with curriculums that aim to widen your perspective.


Upcoming Events

We hold various events throughout the year, providing a platform for our members to perform on stages and events with varying levels of exposure. Watch this space for upcoming and present events.


Memberships are where you start your journey. Consider your needs and wants, sign up, and let us guide you to where you want to be.


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For further details, or anything concerning The Council Productions contact us now!