We have various partners/ studios we’re working with such as Reza Global Productions, The Music Parlour , Decibel Studios. You will have access to all these studios as members at discounted prices, and also 2 hours free studio time each month with your subscription. For more details on our studios, do see our terms and agreements on booking.

Decibel Studios

Located near forum shopping centre ,
Decibel offers 24 hour services , great equipments and a hospitality rarely found in other studios. It bleeds exclusivity with an intimate setting, making you feel right at home while still practicing.

The Music Parlor

Music parlour , located at peninsula , offers high-end equipments for your jamming pleasures. With a different vibe than most studios, playing here will give you an experience hardly found in Singapore.

Reza Global Productions

Reza offers an array of jamming studios. Located minutes away from marymount mrt station, accessibility is a highly sought after factor among many other studios. With plenty of rooms filled with excellent equipment, and easy access, their rates are at a great price

TCP Space

Located at Gambas@Proxima, a place where creativity has no limits. With a recording studio and a large space to jam in, it’s the definition of a conducive environment