We provide many variations of weekly workshops such as guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals, bass, etc for music and for theatre, script writing, acting, etc. Come down to our workshops every week that will bring your art form to the next level and also to understand it, the most important factor for an artist to have; the knowledge of their respective art.

Production Package

Production Package With this package, you will be able to produce original songs of your own! You will be working hand in hand with our

TCP Studio

TCP SPACE A place where dreams are made, where there are limit to one’s creativity and a place where you can enjoy the peace when


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G also known as Gigous, is the CEO of The Council Productions. As the founder of the enterprise, Gigous help put together a group of

Genesis Keefer

G better known as Genesis Keefer, is one of the directors of The Council Productions. As a director in The Council Productions, Genesis specialises as

Traffic Jams

Encapsulating the beautiful skyline lighting up the dark navy blue sky, coupled with a blend of chill and psychedelic music, topped off with a classy yet rustic and retro vibe, The Council Productions present, “Traffic Jams”. With so many things to see and do you’ll wish you can capture it all in a panoramic shot. This is our opportunity to show you what we can do for you. This is our cry towards the dream and hope that our art scene in Singapore spreads across the world and become the hub of all things defined as art. We want to promote this mindset throughout our people and nation, remove the stigma towards the arts, and help people achieve their goals. Come down, join us in promoting the art scene and see what we’re all about.

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